The Best Way to Convert 4K YouTube to MP3 Audio Files

4K YouTube to MP3 best video converter. If you’re an avid YouTube user and prefer to listen to the audio on your MP3 player or laptop rather than watch the video, you may be frustrated with the lack of quality when you convert 4K YouTube to MP3 files.

The file that you get from these conversions will be much smaller, but it won’t sound good at all. Luckily, there are several ways you can convert 4K YouTube to MP3s that don’t sacrifice the audio quality, such as using VLC Media Player or downloading an app that does it for you.

1: Download and Install the Audials Movie Converter:

4k youtube to mp3 converter

The first step in converting a 4K YouTube to mp3 video is downloading and installing an app that lets you download videos from YouTube. We recommend Audials Movie Converter, which is available for Mac and Windows PC. It’s free of charge and works with most devices, including iOS and Android phones/tablets, Apple TV, Chromecast, and more.

2: Select Video Files:

 4k YouTube to mp3 best converter

Head over to your favorite video-sharing sites, such as 4k YouTube to mp3 or Vimeo, and search for your desired content. Now either download those files from their respective websites (here’s a step-by-step guide on downloading HD files from YouTube) or copy and paste their URLs into URL: Paste.

Then press Convert! to start ripping your videos in no time at all. Step 3: Download Your Converted Video Files: When you click Convert! you will be prompted to choose where you want your converted audio files to be saved—either on your computer or an external drive, like a USB stick or an SD card.

3: Add Music:

4k YouTube to mp3 converter

Once you’ve added your video, go ahead and click the Select Music button under Step 3. From there, you can choose from thousands of songs in our library. Click play on a song or two, then click OK once you find one that suits your tastes. Voilà!

Your video is now accompanied by music. It couldn’t be easier! Just remember: You can always remove music later if you decide it doesn’t work with your project, so don’t sweat it if it doesn’t sound perfect right off the bat.

4: Export as 4k youtube to MP3 File:

4k youtube to mp3 video

To download your audio file and convert your 4k youtube to mp3 video, click on the Download Mp3 button in Step 3 and choose a location to save your file. After doing so, you can now play it wherever you want using an MP3 player. We recommend using a VLC media player for Windows or Mac OS X.

If you are using Android or iOS devices, we suggest that you try one of these excellent free music apps: Google Play Music (Android), iMusic (iOS), or iTunes (iOS). Step 5: How to Put Video on iPad/iPhone/iPod? Simply copy and paste converted MP3 files into your iPhone/iPad/iPod directly. No need for any software!

5: Import Music into iTunes, or Sync to Apple Devices

You’ll need iTunes, an Apple device with iCloud Music Library, or both. You can rip CDs directly into iTunes—just insert your disc and click File > Import > Import CD. Or you can use Apple Music’s Upload feature if you’re a subscriber (and if there are songs on that disc that aren’t in Apple’s database).

If you prefer using a USB cable instead of Wi-Fi syncing, that works, too. Just connect your phone or tablet to your computer, open iTunes, select its icon in the Devices list at left, then click Summary. In the Options section on that screen, enable Manually manage music and videos. Click Apply. Now connect your phone or tablet again via USB;

if it shows up as a new device in iTunes’ Devices list at left; drag any song from its library onto one of your playlists at right, and sync away.

6: Burn CDs for Enjoyment on Car Stereos and Home CD Players

CDs are pretty much obsolete, but they’re still widely used in many vehicles. These days, it’s easier than ever to burn CDs and play them in your car or home stereo. All you need is a little software like a VLC player.

you can also watch the latest video 4k youtube to mp3 converter.

If you don’t feel like downloading new software, just use iTunes on your Macbook or PC. Make sure that your mp3s are 128 kbps – 256 kbps for best results when burning CDs.

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